First and Second ADC

The First Annual Drukpa Council (ADC) wa s guided by H.E. Khamtrul Rinpoche at the start of April 2009, and brought together Drukpa masters from Bhutan, Tibet, India, Nepal, Europe, Malaysia and Korea.

The ADCs are designed to serve as a forum to exchange views and experiences to inspire those interested in a spiritual life, and to strengthen the connection between practitioners of the worldwide Drukpa Sangha.

The nuns took charge of the Live to Love day, giving provisions out to help the locals. In addition to participating in all of the prayer ceremonies, the nuns were also charged with Rinpoche care at the guesthouse, running the cafe and souvenir shop, and generally keeping the mountain clean, resting little during the whole of the ADC. At the end of the ADC, the nun Chozang Lhamo was enthroned as a female Tulku. His Holiness said that it is now a favourable time for masters to take female form to encourage female practitioners.

Many of the nuns were able to meet up with their relatives who had travelled from all over the Himalayas to participate in the ADC Their families could see them as nuns in action, performing lama dances, in charge of pujas, preparing tormas, and even giving performaces of kung fu.

The Second ADC, held in April 2010, brought together an assembly of Drukpa masters, disciples and friends. The ADC started with them Great Compassion (Avalokiteshvara) Drubpa by 800 nuns for dispelling negativity and encouraging positive results. The nuns demonstrated the traditional rituals of mask dancing and installed the protection deities of five directions, which had always been performed by monks in the past. His Holiness said that it would be one of the highlights of his life to see all the female Drukpa practitioners coming together to practise for the sake of all beings.