The Eye Clinic

August 2009 at Amitabha Mountain saw the arrival of Dr Javier Carreras with his wife Lita, along with a substantial amount of medical equipment which Dr Carreras has kindly donated to the clinic.

Dr Carreras is an eye specialist and surgeon and his focus of treatment is on acute glaucoma, a condition that can be treated with great success. He has trained 14 nuns to be medical assistants  ensuring as many local people as possible can be treated.

In March 2010, His Holiness organized an eye camp for those who could not afford treatment for their eye conditions. It lasted three days and around 220 people came, mostly from different villages around Kathmandu. The nuns had an opportunity to use their skills as backup to the surgeon during surgery and attending to patients before and after the operations.

All the nuns worked around the clock to ensure that everyone was looked after, appreciating the opportunity to put their training, in compassion, into action.

The operations were dramatically successful, restoring sight to people who had been living with severely impaired vision. There were a lot of emotional scenes - many had thought they'd never see the world clearly again, however when they opened their eyes they could see the flowers and the colors of life. One woman after living in darkness for nine years could suddenly see her son properly for the first time.

Another eye camp is to be held in March 2011 in Nepal and funding for this has been reached. The third eye camp is to be held in August 2011 in Ladakh and funding opportunities for this will open soon.