Pujas - the heart of the community

A lot of time in the nunneries is spent performing pujas for different occasions. A few of the larger pujas are mentioned below.

During March 2009 the nuns and monks offered one hundred thousand recitations of Zangchod Boom (the King of Aspiration Prayer) in Swayambhunath, Nepal, over five days. These prayers are held every year and especially dedicated for the longevity of all the genuinely great masters who are still living among us. It is also for accumulation of immeasurable merit and wisdom by those whose motivation is pure.

2010 began very auspiciously with Duddul Phurba puja. This is a very important puja to eradicate suffering, remove obstacles and spread happiness and love to benefit all sentient beings. His Holiness Gyalwang Drukpa presided over these sacred prayers to ensure success. The puja lasted for five days and occurs every year before the New Year or Lhosar.

In November 2010, at Amitabha Mountain, with His Holiness in attendance, the nuns successfully performed the puja of Dolma Yudog, a puja for removing the obstacles of all sentient beings.

At such large pujas many auspicious signs are often seen, such as multiple rainbows appearing together. All of these pujas are dedicated for the benefit of all sentient beings.